About Libby Caldwell
Libby has been a professional artist since 1976.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Norwich England, Gandia Spain, ​​​McAllen Texas and most recently in both Sedona and Phoenix Arizona.
Fascinated by the idea of using the arts as a vehicle for teaching and learning Libby created an arts immersion program for the public schools. This program used the arts to immerse students in another time and place as part of the humanities curriculum. The program was funded by state, city and foundation grants, and ran for 14 years in the Sedona Oak Creek School District.
The idea of immersion and engaging all the senses through the arts evolved into a journaling workshop where students learn to record the moments of daily life. Libby has taught different versions of therapeutic/artistic journaling in corporate and university settings and privately.
"My most recent paintings combine my formal training in portraiture with the documentary nature of journaling, capturing a moment of life and distilling it into a work of fine art."